• Part Time
  • Anywhere

POSITION:                BDC Data Entry

DEPARTMENT:        Sales   


REPORTS TO:           Business Development Manager

HOURS:                     20 – 40 Hours/week

                                    8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  MTWTHFS

SUMMARY:  There is one senior specialist (full-time) who oversees day to day scheduling and work quality for two part time input team members.  The team is responsible for the accurate and timely input of customer sales data into the Business Tracking System.  The team collects required data (WIN Tickets, Marketing Plans and Appointment Cards) and passes out forms and reports required to track the daily business flow.  The team generates follow-up letters in accordance with the BDC guidelines.  As required additional reports, letters and clarification are accomplished as requested by the management team members.


  • Print and deliver the current days appointments, the “No Show” list and Team RPO 24 for the dealership week to date to the BDM.
  • Reconcile prior day’s business. Input late win tickets, DMP’s or appointment sheets from previous day.  Reconcile Reynold & Reynold’s sales doc with data tracking system input, and post commissions to individual accounts for sold vehicles.  Identify sales logged with no corresponding customer registration salesman or sales team to get appropriate customer logging information.  Mark all prior day’s no show appointments.
  • Print Daily Marketing Plans (DMP’s) and staple with cover sheet. Distribute to management teams no later than 9 a.m. each BDC day (Monday through Friday).
  • By 11 a.m. print and distribute the Manager’s DMP’s and staple with the cover sheet. Report includes team’s current days appointments, unsold prospects for the team, and the week to date RPO 24 (sales consultant summary).
  • Each Monday, print and distribute Plus Business Plans to sales managers with the DMP.
  • Each Monday, print the Masterlog Report for the 9:15 a.m. meeting.
  • As forms are delivered to managers, input specialists will pick up completed win tickets, appointment sheets and marketing plans.
  • Each day, post cards will be generated in accordance with the “Wheel Program” for sales staff.
  • Enter current day’s (submitted by 4 p.m.) customer data and call information gathered from WIN tickets, appointment sheets, sales team and manager marketing plans and plus business plans.
  • Friday, upon completion of the prior day’s input, generate tracking reports for the BDM
  • Friday and Saturday, update the Excel spreadsheet to reflect current sales teams and tracking data in preparation for the Monday “Launch” Report. Manually compile required data for the report.  Distribute the Launch report to the managers NLT 4 p.m. Saturday.
  • File original WIN cards, appointment sheets and marketing plans by salesperson and manager name for a two month reference file.
  • File Returned mailers will be reconciled in the data tracking system to correct and update current contact information.
  • Clean up duplicate customer accounts in the data tracking system.
  • Accommodate special mailings, sprinkles, owner base and customer pulls from sales-staff and managers.


  • Education: High School diploma or equivalent desirable/preferred.
  • Experience: Data entry experience preferred.
  • Licenses/Certifications: N/A
  • Job Related Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Must possess the ability to sight type accurately, have a general working knowledge of computer data entry, and excellent work ethic. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well under pressure


  • Accurate typing at 70 wpm.  Input data as written without embellishment, deletion or interpretation.
  • Able to read a wide variety of handwriting, names and spellings; associate them to the proper person, and enter data correctly utilizing the data tracking system.
  • Superb time management. Must input daily customer data and generate all reports on-time to each business center.
  • Must recognize the impact of accurate and timely data input to drive sales.  Must understand and use input system efficiently to meet prescribed deadline goals.

Please Contact:

Donna Miller  719.667.2954


Adam Cavender  719.667.2916

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@phillong.com